Real Members Experience

We joined Agency Network of Kentucky in July 2001 and it is the best decision we have ever made. We have written accounts that we never would have had a shot at without ANK, we have access to carriers that we never would have had a shot at without ANK and we get profit sharing checks that we would never, ever have received on our own. The team they have put together at Agency Network is second to none. They are all insurance professional of the highest order and even better people. It is not a stretch to say that without Agency Network of Kentucky, we would not be in business today!

Pruette Whitt, CIC

Member since 2001

Whitt Insurance Agency, Inc.

I've been in the Insurance Industry for nearly 40 years. I started my Agency from scratch 26 years ago. I partnered with Agency Network of Kentucky (ANK) about 5 years ago primarily because I needed more Companies to be able to compete in today's extremely competitive environment. Ben Cowan and Mark Kelder were both patient with me in explaining how the program worked and answering all of my questions. As a result of my relationship with ANK, I have picked up three new preferred Company contracts as well as having access to many other Carriers through ANK. There are many other benefits as well such as enhanced profit sharing at the local and national level, free educational classes, quarterly bonuses, Agent's E&O and Cyber products for members to mention a few. ANK is well staffed with very knowledgeable people in all positions, always there and willing to help. I'm not sure my Agency would have survived had I not joined this organization

Randy Hall, Owner

Member since 2015

Insurance Marketing Group

I joined Agency Network of Kentucky 5 years ago, after being with a captive company for many years. I was given access to multiple carriers through the Network which has provided me an opportunity to grow my business. They are able to provide their agents, at a discount, with a management system and other tools to succeed. They have experienced employees that are more than willing to guide you through underwriting, rating and companies to write your new business. Ben, Wess, Danette and Karen are the real deal, and I am proud to be a part of such a great organization.

Renee Jackson Miller, Agency Principal

Member since 2015

Renee Jackson Insurance Agency

I joined Agency Network of Kentucky when I first opened my Agency July 2016. At the time I was raw in the insurance industry, but had a good plan put together as to how I wanted to get started and grow. The biggest issue I had being so new was market access. From day 1 of joining ANK, I was able to gain access to some of the most reputable insurance companies in the industry. This allowed me to offer my clients all the products needed, and always have competitively priced carriers, without the big commitment of having to feed them all a large amount of business. As I grew my book with each carrier, I would get direct access to each carrier, but I could do so as I felt the need with each carrier. This really allowed me to grow at my own pace and how I wanted. The resources ANK and SIAA provide from the training, discounts on websites, EZ Lynx, and other resources has also been great. It’s also really nice as an agency to get the increased profit sharing, and PMSF from day 1. This is a nice extra bonus especially when you start from scratch as an agency. Since opening we have grown very rapidly, and the resources they provide have been extremely helpful. I look forward to continued growth with ANK and SIAA, and look forward to the future resources they provide. Chase Carpenter

Chase Carpenter, Owner

Member since 2016

Carpenter Insurance Group

I joined up with Agency Network of Kentucky in December of 2016 and started my own scratch agency. I had worked as a producer for another small agency for some years prior but had really lacked any structured training and support. During my initial conversations exploring the opportunity with ANK, Wess spoke about the mentorship and training that was available as a member but at that time I didn’t fully understand all the details of what was available or the true value that it would bring. Well after a few months of just getting acclimated to running my own agency and all that comes with it I started exploring the Training and Learning center in more detail. The site really covers everything from basic Acord forms to Sales strategies to agency staffing and then I learned more about the BIA program (Business Insurance Advantage). All aspects are strong within their own rights but man this BIA. I reached out to Wess about 4 months into my agency and asked if he could expand on this BIA program he had mentioned and I was reading more about. He spoke with Jamie DeStefano over at SIAA, I attended a webinar that further laid out the details of the program and I was signed up for the class. I certainly saw the benefits of the program but had reservations at the beginning about the 13 consecutive weekly calls wondering how much one could really gain from remote training/coaching. Well I’ll be the first to say, it surpassed all of my expectations. Prior to the first call I spent time with Wess and had several conversations with Danette (CL specialist in Access Plus) analyzing and ranking the appropriate classes of business for me to target in my area. I really appreciated the extra effort that was put in. Each week we had homework that was expected, this consisted of Fearless Sales Training, several QuickStart portals as well as Identifying core carrier appetites and setting up campaigns in LOLA. Fearless Sales Training and the Quick Start Program really cemented my belief and gave ideas on aligning your agency as a value based agency vs a price driven agency. Jamie did an outstanding job of keeping the calls prompt and on point so there was no wasted time, Wess joined every week to discuss the local aspects of the topics at hand and to lend valuable insight into ANK’s experiences with the core carriers and what he has seen work and not work here in the region from classes of business to target as well as sales strategies. So, without rambling on, if anyone is considering doing the BIA training, do it, embrace what SIAA and their staff offer, embrace your local Master agency mentor and I’d bet you’d see the real value in it as well.

Glen Bailey, Owner

Member since 2016

Cast Iron Insurance